“iIPA.exe has stopped working”

Getting this error message when trying to debug an iOS application with Flash Builder 4.7 on Windows 7?

Try this:
1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to “(FLASH BUILDER)\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.345990\AIRSDK\lib\aot\bin\iOSBin”
2. Right click on iIPA.exe and go to properties.
3. Go to Compatibility and check “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7”

Now it will stop crashing and you can debug!


5 thoughts on ““iIPA.exe has stopped working”

  1. This didn’t work for me but I found another solution.

    I tried to launch iIPA.exe manually and I got a “sqlite3.dll” error so I manually added the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support” folder to the Windows PATH and this solved my problem.

  2. This solution didn’t work for me but i found one more error source:
    I got the MinGW bin dir in my path variable, that coused the problem…

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