OMGPOP and Hambycomb

Yesterday, news came out that one of the best gaming websites, OMGPOP, is shutting down. I spent a lot of time playing Draw My Thing and met a lot of friends there. I’m glad that a lot of them came to SketchPort.

Besides being a fun site, OMGPOP helped develop my career by inspiring me to create SWFWire. Because OMGPOP was a highly optimized (and well designed) Flash site, I was curious to see how things worked. This led to a lot of experimentation, and eventually I could edit code and test it while the site was running. I found that even though only a small number of colors were shown on the drawing canvas, the color actually used for drawing and being sent over the network was a standard 0xRRGGBB hex color.  I exposed the new colors with a color picker and up/down keyboard shortcuts to change the shade, and put it online at Hambycomb for others to use, as it improved the quality of the drawings.

OMGPOP never said anything about it, but I didn’t want to risk losing a cool feature by publishing the source code. Now that the site is closing, I’ve posted the source code on GitHub.  A technical explanation of how it works is found there.


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